1/2 leg wax                          £15.00

3/4 leg wax                           £20.00

Full leg wax                          £25.00

Forearms                             £12.00

Full arm                               £15.00

1/2 arm wax                         £10.00

Full arms and underarms    £25.00

Underarm                            £15.00

Bikini line                             £15.00

Full body wax                      £60.00     


Australian Body care products are used for all waxing hair removal treatments, which contain tea tree oil.


Waxing For Men:  Hair Removal Solutions

Achieve a smooth look with the professional Waxing for Men hair removal services, to cater for the unique grooming needs of the modern gentlemen.  The therapist utilise high-quality waxing products and specialised techniques to effectively eliminate unwanted hair from various body areas, including the chest, back, shoulders, and more.


Men's waxing hair removal treatments has advantages for your grooming regimen, from smoothness to reduced hair regrowth over time.  The efficient process provides a convenient and practical alternative to shaving or other at-home hair removal methods. 


Chest wax                                         £25.00

Back wax                                          £25.00

Full arms                                           £30.00

Underarms                                        £25.00


A full consultation is given prior to any wax treatment.  A patch test is required before wax treatments.