Enjoy manicure and pedicure in the comfort of your home.proveded 

Express Manicure


A Speedy Solution for Well-groomed Nails


The Express Manicure treatment, designed for those seeking a quick yet effective solution for beautiful and healthy nails.  The nail care includes shaping, cuticle care, and a nail polish of your choice.


Duration:  20 minutes            £15.00




Treat your hands to a luxurious and revitalising experience with our professional manicure treatments.  Beginning with a hand soak and the nails shaped.  The cuticles are gently pushed back and buff the nails.  Next, we apply a nourishing hand cream to hydrate the skin, followed by your choice of nail polish for a long-lasting finish.


Duration:  45 minutes           £25.00


Manicure and Shellac           £30.00


Shellac Manicure

Gel nail varnish that lasts for at least 14 days with a high gloss shine

Duration: 40 minutes              £30.00


Hand and Arm Massage


Restore and Revitalise Your Hands


Immerse yourself in a moisturising rich hand and arm massage treatment, a luxurious experience designed to release tension promote relaxation, and restore balance to your body.  The therapist applies gentle yet effective massage techniques to increase circulation, soothe tired muscles, and alleviate stress in your hands and arms.  This therapeutic treatment not only enhances your physical well-being but also provides a calming escape from the demands of daily life.


The hand and arm massage treatment offers numerous benefits for your overall health and well-being, from improving circulation and muscle function to reducing stress and anxiety.  By incorporating gentle stretching and targeted pressure, the therapist help relieve pain, stiffness, and tension in your hand and arms, allowing for greater mobility and flexibility.


Duration:  30 minutes                  £20.00


Express Pedicure


Efficient Foot Care for Busy Lifestyles


Indulge in a quick, yet effective, pampering session with the Express Pedicure treatment, tailored for individuals seeking a time-saving foot care solution.  Focusing on essential foot maintenance, this treatment includes nail shaping, cuticle care, and a nail polish application.  


Duration:  20 minutes              £20.00



Experience the ultimate pampering for your feet with our luxurious pedicure treatment.  Beginning with a soothing foot soak, we cleanse and soften your skin, preparing your feet for the rejuvenating process.  The nails are shaped and filed, address any concerns such as calluses or rough skin, and gently push back cuticles.  Following a relaxing foot and lower leg massage, a moisturiser to hydrate your skin and finish with a nail polish application of your choice.


Duration:  1 hour                    £40.00


Pedicure with Shellac                   

Pedicure with Shellac gel nail polish   £45.00


Shellac Pedicure                          

Gel nail varnish that lasts for a least 14 days with a high gloss shine

Duration:  40 minutes                  £30.00 


Foot and Leg Massage


The foot and leg massage treatment offers benefits for your overall health and well-being from improving circulation and lymphatic drainage to alleviating aches, pains, and tension in your lower legs.  The increase blood delivers vital nutrients to your skin cells and muscles tissues, encouraging a more clearer appearance and supporting muscle recovery.  By incorporating stretching, pressure points, and targeted massage techniques, the therapist help relieve discomfort and enhance flexibility, leaving you feeling invigorated and revitalised.


Duration:  30 minutes                    £25.00               



Acrylic Nail Extensions


Enhance Your Nails


Transform your nails with our professional nail extension service, designed to add length, strength, and style to your finger tips.  The skilled nail technician applies extensions to your natural nails, shaping and customising them to create, your desired look.  Choose from a range of options, including acrylic or gel extensions, and finish with your choice of nail polish for a stunning and long-lasting result.


Our nail extension treatment offers numerous benefits for enhancing the appearance and durability of your nails.  The added length and strength provided by extensions allow you to enjoy beautiful, well-manicured nails, even if your natural nails are prone to breakage or slow growth.  The professional application ensures a natural looking finish, with customised shapes and designs tailored to your style.  With regular maintenance and proper care, your nail extension will remain strong, chip-resistant, for a few weeks.

Duration: 1 hour                 £40.00


Acrylic on natural nails        £35.00


Gel Nail Extensions


The nails are applied with a high-quality gel extensions on your natural nails, enhancing their length and strength while maintaining a lightweight and flexible feel.  The gel formula is shaped and cured under a UV light, ensuring a strong bond and seamless finish that compliments your nail natural shape and colour.


The gel nail extensions are for clients seeking to improve their nails appearance without damaging the health of their natural nails.  The lightweight and flexible nature of gel extensions allows for a comfortable and damage free experience.  Your nails are customised to shapes, lengths, and a nail polish of your choice.


Gel Nail Extensions                    £45.00

Gel on natural nails                    £40.00

Product removal and mini tidy    £20.00